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Medicine , education and health

What a harvard doctor want you to know about finding relief & keeping your back strong

I found myself fascinated with the simple musculoskeletal problems that we all have to confront many times in our lives. I’m talking about back pain, neck pain, and other regional pain problems involving the shoulders, hands and wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Some of these syndromes have specific terms such as bursitis and tendonitis; others have a confusing array of names. The common denominator is that these problems are painful, disabling, costly, highly prevalent—and woefully understudied. These musculoskeletal problems have been my passion since I started seeing patients as a rheumatologist in 1987 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Musculoskeletal problems have also been the focus of my clinical research.

Cranial Nerves Functional Anatomy

Cranial nerves are involved in head and neck function, and processes such as eating, speech and facial expression. This clinically oriented survey of cranial nerve anatomy and function was written for students of medicine, dentistry and speech therapy, but will also be useful for postgraduate physicians and general practitioners, and specialists in head and neck healthcare (surgeons, dentists, speech therapists, etc.).

Duties of a doctor from MMC website

Men's Health february 2011
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CoMMon Symptom Answer Guide
A family medical reference

Symptoms are what you feel when your body’s machinery isn’t working
perfectly. About twenty symptoms account for most of the reasons
people go to health professionals. People visit a health professional
when the symptoms limit daily activities. They also visit health professionals
to learn whether their symptoms indicate an increased risk
for serious problems.

Clinical Anatomy Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors Harold Ellis ELEVENTH EDITION 2006

ILLuStrated Medical DIctioNarRY

National Geographic January 2011

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Management of Diabetic Foot

(clinical practice guidelines 4 malaysian doctor

Diabetes Mellitus is a common disease affecting 30 million people worldwide. InMalaysia, the prevalence rate has been reported to have increase from 6.3% in1986 to 14.6% in 1996 1. Fifteen percent of patients with diabetes mellitus will developa lower extremity ulcer during the course of their disease

Management of Hypertension
(clinical practice guidelines 4 malaysian doctor)

Hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and
renal diseases. The third National Health and Morbidity Survey of 2006
showed that the prevalence of hypertension among adults 30 years old
and above was 43%, a relative increase of 30% from that of 10 years
It is now estimated that there are 4.8 million individuals with hypertension
in Malaysia. The estimated figure worldwide is a staggering 1 billion
individuals. It is however alarming to note that, according to the findings of
the Third National Health and Morbidity Survey of 2006, close to two thirds
of individuals with hypertension in Malaysia were unaware that they have
hypertension. Although there was an increase in the treatment rate among
those who have been diagnosed, the control rate is still poor

Childhood Immunisation
(clinical practice guidelines 4 malaysian doctor)

Management Of Stroke
(clinical practice guidelines 4 malaysian doctor)

The Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Management of Ischaemic Stroke was developed to
provide a clear and concise approach to all clinicians on the current concepts in the management
of stroke patients. In Malaysia, a significant number of ischaemic stroke patients are managed by
non-neurologists. We therefore felt that it was important for stroke experts in the country to
summarise and adapt relevant clinical trial data and current treatment strategies to the local

Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
(clinical practice guidelines 4 malaysian doctor)

It is common knowledge that urbanised lifestyle coupled with physical inactivity, together
with a higher intake of saturated fats have impacted our population which appears to
be genetically predisposed to Type 2 Diabetes. In Malaysia, the prevalence of diabetes
continues to rise. What is even more worrying is the fact that almost half of our population
with diabetes is unaware that they have the disease.

Beyond The Limits : Myasthenia Gravis

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Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

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In previous editions of Williams Obstetrics, we have emphasized that obstetrics, originally born as a technical specialty, began to accrue scientific-based underpinnings during the last half of the 20th century. And over the past three decades, evidencebased medicine became embraced and is now firmly inculcated into clinical obstetrics. Accordingly, we again acknowledge the many fruitful efforts of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to encourage and support basic science and clinical research in obstetrical specialties. In updating this text, we relied heavily on investigations performed by members of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units Network. We also applaud the efforts of the American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, the Society for Gynecological Investigation, and the American
Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology to support the scientific and fiscal health of young clinical investigators.

Manual of Heart Failure Management

Heart failure (HF) is a chronic progressive disease with less than 50% of patients living five years after their initial diagnosis and less than 25% are alive at 10 years.
Our current system of HF care, which is characterized by a cycle of acute hospitalizations and acute episodic outpatient care by a primary or emergency room provider, has not led to great improvement in patient quality of life or prognosis.
Our Healthcare System will triage and diagnose acute illness and get professional treatment as soon as possible. The role of the patients is largely passive, the role of the caregivers is microscopically focused, and the time course of the hospital experience is much shorter than the insidious development of HF.

Answers to All TOEFL question

Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes is a highly significant public health problemType 1 and type 2 diabetes raise common and disparate issues when it comes to exercise, and these issues are discussed in Diabetes and Exercise. At present, more data are available about exercise in type 2 diabetes than type 1 diabetes. However, there is a regenerating interest more recently in type 1 diabetes and new studies should be forthcoming.
Though exercise is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and others as a cornerstone of diabetes treatment, most people with type 2 diabetes are not physically active. Persons with type 2 diabetes have reduced exercise capacity, including lower maximal oxygen consumption and impairments in the submaximal measures of cardiorespiratory exercise performance. These exercise abnormalities appear early and may be related to cardiac and hemodynamic abnormalities. Whatever the reason for decreased physical activity levels, being sedentary is linked to increased levels of morbidity and mortality, which are already high in diabetes. The purpose of Diabetes and Exercise is to give the researcher and practitioner in the area of diabetes, information that is both theoretical and clinically useful to further understanding of the importance for persons with diabetes to be physically active as part of the standard of care for treating this condition. In addition, exercise guidelines and precautions are provided to maximize the benefits of activity and to minimize risk in order to avoid adverse events.

Asthma and Allergies

Nothing is more essential toour well-being than the ability
to breathe. Most of us breathe in and out all day long without
even giving it a thought. Yet millions of people are not so lucky. They suffer from asthma or allergies.For people with asthma, taking a breath can be extremely difficult. For people with allergies, the air they breathe can be filled with
substances that cause discomfort or worse.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease in which air passages get
inflamed. When this happens, airways narrow and it is difficult for air to move from the nose and mouth to the lungs.An allergy is the body’s overreaction to certain substances, called allergens.

8 minute Meditation
Maybe you've heard that meditation can help you become more peaceful and feel safer in a complex, uncertain, and oftenharsh world. Perhaps there's another reason. Maybe you don't even know why.
But you do know you'd like to learn to meditate. Only
problem is, meditation sounds really complicated and extremely time-consuming. If only you could find a simple way to meditate that would suit your lifestyle yet provide the benefits you long for . ..

Well, here's good news:You've found it! And all it takes is 8 minutes a day. 8 Minute Meditation is the revolutionary new program thatwill change your life as easily as it fits into it. In just 8 minutes a day—the space between two television commercials—you canbuild a lifetime meditation practice. Time magazine calls it
"themost American form of meditation yet."

Dictionary of medical Terms 4th ed

This dictionary provides the user with the basic vocabulary currently being used in a wide range of healthcare situations. The areas covered include the technical language used in diagnosis, patient care, surgery, pathology, general practice, pharmacy, dentistry and other specialisations, as well as anatomical and physiological terms.
Informal, everyday and sometimes euphemistic terms commonly used by people in discussing their condition
with healthcare professionals are also included, as are common words used in reading or writing reports, articles or guidelines.
Special for all my friends yang dah nak balik malaysia atau yang tinggal setahun lagi, juga buat teman-teman yang masih baru mulai berjuang semoga berguna....


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